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Thread: Disassemble a Tascam M-1600 Mixer? for cleaning of course...

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    Disassemble a Tascam M-1600 Mixer? for cleaning of course...

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    I have been scouring the interwebs looking for a video or a tutorial on how to properly disassemble a Tascam M-1600 mixer for cleaning. Im sure you're thinking, just start taking screws out and go from there... Well, I want to know if I should be trying to take the top panel off, or if its better to take the bottom panel off. I dont see anything in the manual.
    Also, there are a LOT of various tiny screws on the top of the board. Some of them appear to be holding the faders or xlr inputs in place. Do I need to remove these or should I leave them?
    Anybody got any experience they want to share?
    I own: Tascam TSR-8
    Tascam M-1600 mixer

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    I doubt you will find any video or tutorial on disassembling it...probably because no one ever bothered to.

    So AFA "cleaning"...what areas/parts are you looking to clean on it? I think those are pretty compact and sealed, in general...unlike a larger format console that you can pull out individual channel strips. So even after you open it, you may not find much that needs cleaning inside.

    Just start at the corners, etc...and no, you don't need to remove every screw you see, as most of them may be holding parts to the panels, and you want to do is remove the main panels, to start...and then go from there. Otherwise you may hear parts dropping inside as you remove the wrong screws.
    I think if you study it for a'll be able to see which are the main panel screws vs component screws.

    Oh...turn on you video camera...someone may need a video tutorial down the road!

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    I'd get a manual. Most tascam mixer manuals were pretty good and included servicing data. Some exploded veiw diagrams would be nice, but I don't know if that manual has any.
    Anyway logically study it. (Both mixer and manual)
    Anything you take apart at least take good pics.

    Oh, a lot of switches can be cleaned without opening up the board. Pots too.
    I've cleaned many a switch and pot just by dribbling in a bit of deoxit and excersizing it.

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