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Thread: Creating META files (and top level file editing?????)

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    Creating META files (and top level file editing?????)

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    There was a short discussion a few weeks back about creating permanent HOWTO files. GroupDIY has a top billed META thread, which contains links to other META's which then link to other threads. E.g.

    you go to teh META file and drill down to "Specific Projects" click that link that brings up another permanent file, then you can drill down to "DLA-2A" and then click on that link, that brings up anotehr meta thread with links re: DLA-2A. It's very well organized and makes searching pretty easy. There's a decent amount of knowledge built up here, but it is not organized like that.

    . The BIG difference there is that you can EDIT a post indefinitely so you don't have to look in post number 504 for the latest an update that is actually in post number 343. Can this software be tweaked to allow top post editing like that. Can a moderator or someone with some authority please answer????

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    I definitely support this, it does seem that a forum is kind of a terrible place to get organized information (unless scavenger hunts are your thing). This forum is packed full of great information, it's the only reason my machines are in working order!

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