Fella came all the way from California today to pick up the MCI JH-416 mixer project I sold him last month. Really nice guy. I believe he has the background experience and resources available to get that thing going. I'm glad about that.

With that mass of stuff out of the shop I can move around in there a little better...start organizing and sorting through stuff some. We've lived here a year and the shop is still a disaster zone.

I rounded up all the Ampex MM-1000 spares and bits that were scattered about. Aside from the 8 amplifier electronics modules currently mounted in the chassis, I have these 16 modules...and spare amplifier cards beyond that.


I really don't want all those extras. I'll probably usually run the Ampex in 1" 8-track form...so 24 modules is overkill. I sort of happened into them...I've already sold 5, but still have 24 (plus 4 more gutted carcasses with some meat still on the bones). Eventually I suppose I'll have just a couple spares on hand, but until I go through the modules I won't know what spares I need. And so the lump sits until I can eventually get around to getting back to that project. I have a lot of stuff like that.

Anyway...was nice to organize a little.