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Thread: Channel #2 on my 388 has stopped working.

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    Channel #2 on my 388 has stopped working.

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    Hi everyone,

    I've been happily recording on my 388 for years now without any problems. Unfortunately, channel 2 has just stopped working. I plan to open it up and check the channel card sometime over the next few days but thought I'd better run things by the folks at homerecording before doing so.

    So last night I decided to run a bass drum I'd recorded on channel #2 through a Boss RV-3 Reverb pedal inserted into the channel via the channel inserts. I use guitar pedals on the inserts quite often and haven't had any problems in the past. It was working fine for a while but after 15mins or so the channel has stopped working.

    The channel in question has always been iffy when using the EQ. I'd often turn the monitors right down before touching the EQ knobs as turning them would often cause loud crackling and squealing (always assumed the channel could use some new caps). It was only when turning the eq knobs and only an issue on channel #2 so I thought it best to leave it alone and keep making music. Not sure if this EQ problem is related to my current woes?

    Some notes:

    The bass drum I've recorded onto the tape still registers on the channel #2 VU, but no sound in RMX mode or signal registering on the MASTER VUs at all.

    If I try and route channel #2 to another channel to bounce it, I also get no signal reading at the selected channel (and it wont bounce the recording of course).

    Plugging in a microphone (MIC switch selected) or instrument at line level (LINE selected) into channel #2 I also get nothing.

    Any ideas?

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    Greetings, Mr. Blisset.

    So, what happens if you connect a line level source to the RCV jack of channel 2? Can you monitor any signal that way and how does it sound?

    Also, your post is a little confusing because I think you are using the term “channel” for both mixer channels as well as tape tracks. You don’t play back a tape channel, it is a tape track. You might monitor that track via a mixer channel, but it is still a tape track you are reproducing. Does that make sense? I’m not trying to split hairs here...terminology matters when troubleshooting via written word. You did a nice job of outlining your issue, describing the symptoms as well as measures you have tried, so I hope you don’t take offense. It’s just one area of terminology I periodically experience is misused and it can cause an otherwise clear presentation of a problem to become less clear.

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    Hi sweetbeats,

    Apologies for the late reply but channel 2 is now working again with no issues. I've been hoping it might drop out again but of course it has done no such thing. I appreciate the response all the same.

    Also, no offense taken at all regarding the difference between tape tracks and mixer channels - an important distinction I completely overlooked!

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