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Thread: Cassette Tone tape

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    Cassette Tone tape

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    I have 2 cassette decks...Pioneer CT-F700 and NAD 6100...
    I local musician gave about 2 dozen cassette tapes to digitize and burn CD's....

    I did one cassette and it came out very nice...

    Working on the 2ed cassette it I'm hearing some WOW....
    Trying to determine if it is the cassette or my tape deck...

    So....does anyone know where I can get a pre-recorded tone tape for a cassette deck...???

    I can get tones on reel to reel....but I would have to transfer that to a cassette and if
    my cassette deck is not rock steady....I've defeated the purpose....

    So...I'm trying to locate a pre-recorded tone cassette tape....

    Many thanks...

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    Genn Lab seems to be the place to go for cassette deck calibration tapes.


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