Hi - are there any other New Zealanders here?

I'm looking to hire/borrow a Tascam MSR-16, preferably from someone in Southland.

If you look at the Fostex forum you'll see that I'm wanting to 'finish a job' I started in November 1993 - engineering an album for a friend at the Radio 1 studios in Dunedin. I had to return to Invercargill before the mix, and never liked the result that the other guy who mixed it got.

Today I found that the original 16 track 1/2" masters are still around. Radio 1 still have the recorder and their rate for studio time is good, so I plan to take up a Fostex D2424LV and then re-mix it back here, but if there is a chance to keep it away from digital a bit longer I'd be interested.

In theory any other 1/2" 16 track with dbx would probably do, but I'm sure its best to stick to same model of recorder. I could even potentially use it to copy the masters onto fresh 456 from Radio 1's unit.

Please contact me if you have one of these, or call me on 0274 353 563.