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Thread: Bought a new machine...

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    After owning an Alesis HD24, Edirol R4, and two Edirol R44's (still have those), and two Tascam 22's (still have those too),

    I bought...

    A Tascam 424 Mk3.

    I kept going back to a recording I did on a Yamaha 4-track about 6 years ago. Everytime I compared a digital recording to it, I found the 4-track more euphonic. There is audible hiss, and wow and flutter. I don't care. I like it.

    I bought a Tascam 22 hoping to mix down to it (from the digital gear) and get the same sound. I find the Tascam too clean unless I smack the levels. It sounds to my ears like the electronics in the deck are distorting before the tape - I don't know. I'm not getting what I want. Plus the additional DA/AD conversion does not help.

    I'm going to try and go back to tracking to cassette. I will mix to the Tascam 22 and/or go into the PC to burn a CD. I'm recording live jazz, so reel decks are not an option. I need more portability. I will stick the 424 in a mixer rack with a Sytek preamp on the front end for phantom power and more gain for ribbon mics.

    Here's to hoping I like my recordings again. Thanks for listening...

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    I used to record live jazz combo rehearsals at UNT with my Fostex 4-track cassette. I love the way those old recordings sound!

    No matter what main system I have, I always keep a 4-track cassette recorder (which is currently a 414) around, as some projects just seem to crave that sound. Plus, it's fun as hell!
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    That sounds like a great tool for what you're going to be doing....I'd love to hear the end results!

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