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Thread: Basic questions about Oscilloscope, DeMag, MRL..

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    Hitachi V-650F User Manual.pdf - Google Drive

    ^ Should get you the manual .pdf if you don't already have it. Too big to attach I think. Quick varder, looks fine for audio work.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chip Whitley View Post
    Could I take my short version MRL tape and then make my own full length tape by looping the recorded tone on the DAW? What exactly are the problems one would run into doing this? Does my deck being a 16 track and not a full track present a problem, or is this something people do and I am late to the party?
    A professional studio would record test tones on the start or end of every tape they produce so your idea has some merit. In fact, some cheaper test tapes would have been made in a similar way to your suggestion - the master test tape would have been directly copied onto slave calibrated recorders. As you say, the limitation is that the head geometry of the machine under test must be the same as the machine recording the tape.
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