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Thread: Analog only MySpace micro label

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    Analog only MySpace micro label

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    Man, all these lovely cassette studio's popping up on the favorite kit thread prompted me to show you this; I found a thing on Paypal called a Xilab that lets you create a little shopfront you can attach to a MySpace site. Perfect for sweating the small stuff that the fees'd kill in eBay. So I used yesterday it to make a little MySpace micro label to carry all our stuff and whoever else we can drag into the all analog world..

    Here's it's logo

    So far it's got our two cassingles on it and it's about to get two more - a solo EP done on 1/4" hi-fi by one of our band members and a solo acoustic only lo-fi EP I'm making on my 4 track. I'm limiting it to 4 tracks only for each tune, 1 mike, no eq ('cause it doesn't have any) and mixed down to stereo cassette with nothing in between. Here's the little rig... Who cares if no one buys anything, we do it because we can...

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