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Thread: Analog machines internal repairs question about lubricants, oil, etc

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    Analog machines internal repairs question about lubricants, oil, etc

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    Hello folks, If this question has been gone over before in a different thread, I apologize in advance. When it comes to opening up a cassette/reel to reel machine, I'm pretty good with diagnosing and repairing mechanical issues and ok at electrical issues, however I don't really know what kinds of lubricants and oils to use for lubricating plastic gears or oils for metal parts, motors and such. I know the factory greases/lubricants for machines of this age become caked on and hard, need to be cleaned and re-greased. For the fix it yourself gurus out there: what do you use?

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    21464867 kinda depends on the machine...since not all will require the same type of lubricant...and some need none at all, even to the point where you will mess things up by trying to lubricate moving parts.

    In a pinch, when I needed to lube some plastic without knowing what the original stuff was...there's the old petroleum jelly standby, or some silicone lubricant.
    For metal have to t least have a pretty good idea what was used originally. Some metals are porous and some are not, some require specific synthetic oil others more of a mineral oil type...etc. need to drill down to the type of machine you are looking to lubricate...and the research from there as to what people are using.

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