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Thread: analog/digital trade-offs

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    Question analog/digital trade-offs

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    If you go to there's an article called 'back to analog'.

    Near the end of the article, if you want the analog sound, I think he's saying that you should have at least ONE digital toy - either to mix with (say a Mackie dB8) or mix-down with (Mackie or Tascam 24/96 ADAT).

    I think he also suggests that TOO MUCH analog machines might kill the warm and rich sound the average analog freak is looking for.

    This is where I'm a little confused.

    Either my reading comp skills aren't up to snuff (they weren't in high school, actually) or the last paragraphs of the article have a few words missing.

    Blue Bear, I think you told me that a 2" analog mutitrack is the key to getting that great sound - to get to the source in a way. That's what I'd love to do!

    But I'm not sure whether to mix down WITH an analog console (...had my sights on the Mackie 24*8's) or a digital one

    OR to mix down TO a 1/2" 2-track analog or a 24/96 2-track.

    ...and will a a/d converter be necessary if I use a 2" analog recorder?

    I just need advice for the right combination in getting a KILLER analog sound. Yer help will be appreciated!


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    I think you expect too much from analog, a properly calibrated 24 track 2" sounds just as clear and clean as digital. There is no "magic"!!!

    If you want good sound , here is the solution:

    Most important(80%) : Great playing musicians with good instruments.

    The right mics for your application.

    Great micpreamps

    Mixer with good 2-bus summing(not Mackie)

    A good analog 24-track deck, in good condition OR great converters and a stable DAW.

    It all depends on what you want out of your gear, if you want
    "pro" sound, expext to pay top dollars.

    There is no easy way, sorry......

    But a good 2-track 1/4 inch to "master" to,will sound great!
    Could be your solution.


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