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Thread: About to "bust my cherry"

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    About to "bust my cherry"

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    Ok, so I've lined up a Tascam 488 mkii thanks to the Rock Doc here on HR. I'm so excited to start working with tape. I know that this is a pretty thin medium and I'm not expecting perfection (though I've heard a few tracks done on the 488 and I'm convinced that I can get good results.) I'm wondering if any of you have any tips or secrets you think I should know before I start. I've read the review here and I've looked at the tips on how to dump all eight tracks. I plan on running and expander and a compressor from the insert and an outboard reverb in the FX loop. (I have to admit I got this set up from Guerilla Home Recording. . . a great book btw)

    I'd also like to say thanks. I've been in and out of the boards for a while and you've been so generous with your knowledge and patient with my stupid questions. So I'll leave you to it . . . . anything I should know before I start? Thanks again.


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    Just get in there and record, listen, then repeat!


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