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Thread: 80-8 schematics & manual - Fuse #7

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    80-8 schematics & manual - Fuse #7

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    Anyone here have an active(AnalogRules is apparently down) link to 80-8 schematics/manual?

    Or if anyone has it already downloaded - The info I'm looking for is:

    What circuit is Fuse # 7 (2.5A slo-blo) tied in to?

    Thanks in advance

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    Well, after looking at it for a few minutes I've concluded that its wicked confusing!

    But F7 powers terminal 5 on the input side of the power supply PCB, which is the unregulated side of the 24VDC it has to do with your motors and such.

    What's happening?

    Greetings, BTW...

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    Greetings sweetbeats,

    That makes sense. With that fuse blown none of the transport functions work. The relays activate but the motors on either reel don't engage.

    That fuse blew on power up yesterday. I tested with a a slightly lower, 2A fast acting type and it held just fine - and everything worked as normal. I think the PS may be due for a recap.


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