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Thread: 2 track 1/4 tape to CD

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    2 track 1/4 tape to CD

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    I have a Sony TC-755A just been serviced and sounds great.
    I intend to record some folk type material guitar, vocals, harp in rack live to tape.
    Than I would like to make some CD's.
    I would be appreciate any tips on converting the tape to the Digital realm for CD's to sell. I have Adobe Audition software.
    Cheers Luke.

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    The only "tip" I can think of would be - having a good quality audio card in your computer (analog to digital converter that is).
    The rest is pretty much knowing your way around your software.
    I personally don't know a thing about adobe.
    LINK: Digitizing Records and Tapes with Adobe Audition

    For All the computer recording / sound cards issues and related specific mambo-jambolings I would go to: Forum: Digital Recording & Computers


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