Hello everyone. Well, I just moved to my new home, and my new room is going to incorporate everything I've been planning on doing for 15 yrs, which includes running all cableing from the mixer down the legs of the console, which die into cable troughs to the back of the room. All machines will be housed in a 9' wide rackmount fixture for transports, computers, etc.
However, in my old studio, which was only 9' x 11', 25' snakes were barely long enough to traverse the convoluted path. Same with the midiizer cables, which are numerous also. I'm planning on 96 -10 lines, twin MSR control and synch lines from the midiizer. thats all in one cable trough/leg. The other will house a split trough with electrical, midi, computer and video lines.
Before planning actual construction, it dawned on me that the distance between the console and back wall is approx 16' and add vertical and horizontal pathways to each machine and I'm probably looking at 35 to 40'. Anyone know if this is too much length for the associated cables? If so, what is the practical limit?
The other boondogle is isolating the computers a distance away from the console, but thats digital and this is the analog forum. I won't bore you with those questions
Anyway, thanks for any input.