If you haven't followed this Sample Library Review feature, here's the link to the "Deal Compressor":
Deal Compressor: This Weeks Sales Highlights - February 11, 2019 - Sample Library Review
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Here are some items not (yet) mentioned:

8DIO is having a sweet Flash Sale (>80% off) on its Blendstrument line---$38 each or all five for $148. Ends 02/14 10AM PST---sorry that I didn't get this out sooner, so: subscribe to the 8DIO newsletter!

Some sequels:
Volt II from Castle Instruments is available at Kontakt Hub for an intro price of ~$21 with an additional 25% loyalty discount for Volt (1) purchasers (code: VOLT25). This is one of those instrument series that has features, snapshots and soundsets that just work quickly and well. It can be addictive and you will regret not stopping to save your own snapshots.
Volt II - Castle Instruments

Mechia (~$14) from ChannelRobot is the third in a series of instruments, joining Recoil and Atmosia. The bad news: The GUI takes some fooling around with to get what's going on. The good news: Not pain fooling around and when you get one, you got 'em all.
Mecchia - Kontakt Drone machine
Don't forget that ChannelRobot has its own E4E library subscription service:
About Everything-4-Ever – channelrobot.com

Kirk Hunter Studios has the full-retail Kontakt version (not Player) of of Virtuoso Ensembles reduced 73% (now $80 until 2-24):

Homegrown Sounds has released Succession Pro ($20) and continues to unlock levels in the Circular Group Buy ($20; I joined). The Circular Group Buy ($20; I joined) has already yielded seven new Kontakt instrumnets and three back-catalog picks (I garnered over 5500 Padshop Pro presets). Bass loops/samples/instruments appear to be a thrust of the Group Buy---and of course, a la Homegrown Sounds, sequencing, arpeggiation, tweaking and randomization. It was a bargain from the start and only becomes more so. Frankly, I think the HGS group buys are over-generous. I'm still working my way through the items I got in the previous two group buys.

Rigid Audio continues to boggle the market with amazingly inexpensive bargains. Aquiver (~$5) switches away from the current Synferno engine series with a different approach. I'm still exploring its Strings folder and have been able to generate some interesting and unusual orchestral sounds/cues. It's different.

If you're in the never-enough-strings category, Box Cello (~$21) from Decent Samples is a nice addition to the arsenal (Cinesamples Tina Guo 2 still gets my vote for splash screen aesthetics).

Speaking of Cinesamples, they just put a lot of percussion libraries on sale:

I did pick up Spitfire's British Drama Tools ($120) during their recent Thunderbolt Flash Sale and eagerly await being able to authorize it after Native Access going south on me after its latest update, which did update a pair of NI apps and allow me to authorize a library serial but hasn't run since. This is the first time that I have had an issue with Native Access since their initial Open-GLE introductory debacle (so, I guess it's the second time), but one time is one too many for an installer/licenser. I have more thoughts on this but I'd be interested in yours.