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Thread: Realistic Classic Rock Virtual Instruments

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    Realistic Classic Rock Virtual Instruments

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    This is my first post.

    My music projects currently involve importing professional General MIDI tracks into my DAW to create realistic sounding 60s and 70s style classic rock background tracks for my solo performances (lots of cover tunes). The MIDI instrument sounds I have previewed with the demo version of Presonus Studio One (my planned replacement for Cakewalk Sonar) fall short of my expectations based on using Sonar for 20+ years.

    What relatively inexpensive virtual instrument software do you recommend that has realistic or authentic sounding samples of oldies classic rock analog drum kits, electric bass, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, etc. for my music style? I donít need a zillion different instruments, just a handful of each type which sound realistic. I also want something with plug-and-play simplicity and ready to use presets.

    Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks for your help!


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    "Relatively inexpensive" = ???


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