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Thread: Native Instruments Kontakt electric guitar deluxe version

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    Native Instruments Kontakt electric guitar deluxe version

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    I've got strummed, picked and electric sunburst guitars for Kontakt and found the electric the weakest, and rarely used, but the picked guitar has melody versions of the sounds, and this is really useful for when you want your own patterns, or melodies. They've just done a deluxe version of the electric with this feature and loads of extra patterns and sounds - and it's soooo much better and worth the upgrade.

    They've even added a few blues patterns - so if you're into old rock and roll you've now got some good foundations for songs. I always thought the previous version sort of started with Oasis, and even the Reggae was more UB40 than Bob Marley - now it's an awful lot better and good for inspiration in the songwriting. Here's something with a repeated pattern for a test - but should give you an idea.
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