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Thread: Mode shift for MIDI?

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    Mode shift for MIDI?

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    Not sure I've got the title right but I was considering buying a keyboard and I found out that NI Komplete Kontact keyboards have something called "smart play" which maps scales onto the white notes only and so you can play all sorts of keys and modes as if they were C Major/A min (shifted to start on the tonic obviously)

    I like this idea for pursuing modes easily and I know some other software is available to buy which does the same thing. The software I saw is called Autotonic and costs around 50 or nearly 100 for a lifetime licence so it seems pretty expensive when an A49 keyboard is only 150!

    Does anyone have any experience of this or similar and is there any other way of getting the same result in Logic or some plug-in for Logic? I'm hoping so as the remote Logic app on my iPad can produce a virtual keyboard on its screen.

    Thank you
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