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Thread: [MIXCRAFT 7] Standard folder for Autotune Presets?

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    Question [MIXCRAFT 7] Standard folder for Autotune Presets?

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    So first off all, i'm new here. Glad to be here.

    Anyways, i just got Autotune EVO installed today (got a new pc in the weekend) and i've got my hands on about 100 presets for the VST - but the problem isn't EVO - i found the Mixcraft VST folder, but i have no idea where to put the presets, so they are usable. I've used Mixcraft for a couple of years, but never played with VST/Presets that much.

    Can someone tell me where?

    - me.

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    You should be able to install a plug-in just about anywhere you want and Mixcraft 7 should be able to find it.

    As for a plug-in's presets, I assume their location is dictated more by the plug-in than by Mixcraft?

    Try the following to see if it helps: Click on the File menu and select Preferences... (or press the Ctrl+Alt+P keys). Then, in the left pane of the Mixcraft Preferences window, click on Plug-Ins at the bottom of the list. On the Plug-Ins screen, click on the topmost button, which says Edit VST/VSTi Folders. That will pop up an Additional VST Plug-In Folders window that lists all the plug-in folders that Mixcraft knows to look in. See if you can find the folder for the Antares Auto-Tune Evo VST plug-in.

    (If it doesn't appear to be listed, you can always click the button at the bottom that says Auto-Scan For VST/VSTi Directories, which might take a while to complete but can be handy to do after installing new plug-ins on your system.)

    Once you've located the folder where Auto-Tune Evo is installed, open your Windows File Explorer and navigate to that folder. Then see if you can determine where the presets for it are kept so you can move your set of 100 presets there.
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    If I recall correctly, most of the Mixcraft included VST presets are stored in the C:users/username/appdata/roaming/acoustica/mixcraft/fx folder. Might try putting it there.

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