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Thread: might be selling some Waves plugins

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    might be selling some Waves plugins

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    I'm not sure if I want to sell these or not yet - so I'm not listing them in the gear ad threads as of yet.. They're a bunch of Waves Audio plugins, over $5000 if you were to buy all new. I have all the licenses on a flash drive. I'm not as good as mixing as I thought I would be. Right now I'm just looking to get some advice on selling these, and maybe what kind of price I ought to start at.

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    I counted 35 plugins. They always go on sale for $26 each, so that means $910. But to get people to buy them from you instead of Waves you'll have to discount them further. I'd expect like $750. I think Waves takes a fee for any transfer, too. It's really hard to pull this off without massive loss.

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