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Thread: Making Use of VST Instruments in Cybase SX (Beginner!)

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    Making Use of VST Instruments in Cybase SX (Beginner!)

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    I'm using an old Windows XP machine with Cubase SX. I have no trouble with using the preloaded drum machines, LM-7 and LM-9. However, I want to be able to use other VST drums, and I am STUUUUUCCK!!

    I downloaded SuperDrumFX. I have got Cubase to recognise the dll file, and the instrument shows up in the same way that the LM-7 does in the list of VST instruments. However, when I open the drum editor, nothing happes. No sound.

    I know there's a sample library in the pack of files that I downloaded. I think I'm supposed to link the instrument with the sound library somehow, so that when the drum editor tells it to play a sound, the instrument triggers the sound from the library.

    Could somebody please take me through this like a child learning the alphabet? I am absolutely tearing my hair out. I can't begin to explain how grateful I'd be!

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    From what I can remember, you should have told SuperDrum where the sample library was going to be located during the install process.

    Can you open SuperDrum as a standalone (outside of Cubase)? If so, then do that and there should be a menu option to locate the library (may not be worded that way, may be import library or something along those lines). Do that and see if it works. The process should be the same if you can only open it within Cubase; it's just my preference to take care of all of that outside the DAW if possible so I don't get sidetracked.

    Hopefully that helps a little bit, good luck!
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    I just worked out how to do it. Apparently, I have to manually link all of the samples to the triggers, which is not at all an intuitive process, but, I think I've got the hang of it. Thanks!

    ---------- Update ----------

    I've been at this for days, and as soon as I ask and wait for a reply, I work out how to do it. That is typical me!

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