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Thread: just spent a wad on plugins over the new year

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    just spent a wad on plugins over the new year

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    It's true, you can get great deals on plugins from Waves and other places over the Christmas/New Year season into most of January. I usually try to get a few on sale like this. But I went overboard this year, and I'm embarrassed by myself. I have bipolar disorder, and one thing a lot of people with bipolar do is "not think" before they buy, racking up credit cards etc.. I did that this time. It was like an addiction! I finally called up the store where I had running credit and they told me to call the bank that issues their cards, and I got the card locked. But I did get a lot of nice plugins!!

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    I dont have your condition so i have absolutely no excuse for my Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Have fun with what you have!
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