I'm using FL Studio 20 with a Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface. I've downloaded a ton of different amp and pedal plugins, some of which are great, but no matter what I use, the distortion is still very fuzzy sounding. The only plugin that gives me a smooth distortion is the Nick Crow 8505 Lead. Only problem is that I need a heavier distortion that this one provides. I'm looking for a good metal, "rectifier" sound. I just don't want the tinny fuzzy sound that most of them come with.

So far I've tried the TSE X50, Poulin LeCto, LeGion, Le456, and all of the plugins in the Acme Bar Gig line. I run all of these with the Poulin LeCab, which does help, but not enough. I've tried a couple of other Cab simulators (NadIR, etc), but none sound as good as the LeCab. I do also run the TS808 in front of all of these plugins, with the Drive all the way down.

I'm really just looking for suggestions on other plugins to try that will give me a smooth, but heavy distortion sound.