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Thread: Good electric guitar VST

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    Good electric guitar VST

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    Can someone recommend me good free or priced electric guitar VST?

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    I recently got Evolution Strawberry and I like it, though I don't think it's on sale at the moment. So far I've used it mainly for leads, but it has many rhythm settings as well.

    For rhythm guitar patterns I also use Session Sunburst, which was $50 when I bought it a few months ago. It has lots of rhythm guitar patterns, but it doesn't allow you as much freedom to create your own patterns.

    I believe Shreddage 3 was recently being offered for free, though I'm not sure if that's still the case.

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    The bad news: You missed out on a recent AAS Sessions Bundle give-away at Plugin Boutique that included Strum Sessions. The good news: AAS/PluginBoutique offers have a tendency to come around again and/or you can purchase a Strum expansion/soundbank (they often go on sale for $20) and use it with the free AAS player. Acoustic Samples has some guitar libraries for the free UVI Workstation but currently not on sale. Most of my guitar VIs are Kontakt libraries and many of them require the full version of Kontakt (like the free Shreddage3 mentioned above). Dirk mentioned a couple of nice guitar libraries above for the Free Kontakt Player (Evolution and Session) but they are not inexpensive at full price. Googling for "electric guitar vst" leaves you with the task of separating acoustic and amplification vst's from your desired results but you'll get more tips than I can currently offer you.


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