Hello, as the title states, I'm trying to figure out how to control VSTi Parameters built into the VSTi itself (such as resolution, cutoff, gain) via an external Oxygen 25 MIDI controller, inside the Acid Studio DAW. Many of the VSTi's I use are fairly bog standard and most do not come with much reading material if any. I really want to use the controllers on my Oxygen 25 and I can't figure out how to do this comprehensively.

This is a piece of cake with Cubase and it takes less than 5 minutes to sort. You simply fire it up, load the device, get it to learn the controllers and go to work with quick controls. With Acid, basic automation is okay, but anything beyond that is extremely tricky. You have to play cat and mouse just to try and find what is happening with where, and even then it might not pick it up the parameter at all. Plus, assigning a parameter to a controller is a nightmare. Cubase is so easy - one click and you can look inside a folder and see everything. But then Cubase is so much tougher when it comes to anything to do with looping, so I desperately don't want to make the move.

Does anyone have any tips? Suggestions? Programs that they've used that help?