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Thread: Cheap Drum VI Suggestions

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    Cheap Drum VI Suggestions

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    I'm looking for suggestions on decent sounding budget Drum VI's. Budget being $50 and less...preferably less. I understand you get what u pay for, but there's gotta be a few exceptions out there.

    I bought a couple VI kits from Audio Assault when they were on sale for $9/ea. Druminator, which has crashed Pro Tools every time since version 3 was released, and Westwood. I also have Xpand 2 and Drummic'a.

    The VIs I mentioned are alright for metal, some heavy/hard rock, but they're terrible for straight rock, punk, or anything that requires a raw sound with alot of snare crackle. I'm thinking stones, beatles, clash.

    Any suggestions? It needs to be AAX since I'm on Pro Tools.


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    How about
    NI Komplete Elements? Comes with Abey Road 60s Drummer; sounds like your spec. Search for a deal. Expensive street price is $50 but it's gone for $20 or as part of a $50-or-under bundle with another VST/VI.

    BTW, Strike 2 is currently available for $50 and it has a lot of features, and fits your specs. I only hesitate to mention it because, if you're patient, it will eventually become available as part of a sale on the AIEP Plus upgrade bundle (you qualify with Xpand!) for $75---an absolute load of exceptional VIs, plugins and expansions.
    Strike 2, Strike 2 plugin, buy Strike 2, download Strike 2 trial, AIR Music Technology Strike 2

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    MT Power Drum Kit 2: MT Power Drum Kit AU VST Drums Sampler Plugin Instrument FREE It's FREE w/ splash screen or like $6 for a license. It's basically a simple EZ Drummer 2 like plugin that even includes drag and drop midi loops like said EZ Drummer 2. No brainer to try out seeing it's FREE. Err... scratch that, just noticed you said it needs to be AAX (this appears to be VST/AU). Posting anyway in case someone else is looking for a "cheap" Drum VI.

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