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Thread: airs virtual instruments

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    Unhappy airs virtual instruments

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    I am writing music with protools midi editor and protools software Expand 2 Air virtual instruments. It is good in a way that it is easy to transfer the score editor to Sibelius and continue whit editing the score there.
    I am only working with virtual instruments as Expands grand piano, full finger bass and session drums.
    I am in a position looking for to get a better software /hardware for composing, My main problem is that Air's Expand 2 session drum set is very pour and you cannot mix as you want for example the hi-hat is too loud and you cant lower the volume.
    Another problem I have is that the cursor is getting very small when you work in the midi editor and its very difficult to to place the midi region in the right slot.
    Could anyone recommend a good software to work on where you can mix a good. Drum kit inn the virtual instruments and still easily transfer the files too Sibelius for score editing.

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    In Reaper you can get into a midi editor and adjust many of the parameters of any note (whether that note is part of a scale of an instrument, or part of a drum kit).

    You can export that as a midi file and import into Sibelius. Alternatively, you can work with Reaper's notation facility.

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