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Thread: whats your 2020 setup?

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    As the Corona pandemic has me grounded on my third month now I decided to make use of all the free time on my hands, so I wrote seven songs in seven days. Songs written, tracked, mixed - and release two hours before deadline on day seven.

    It’s seven song in quite different styles of music. The album is called “20/20 Vision”.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on the songs - link below :-)

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    The first two were great, 3 goes into impressive blues, wide variety of music, Word of Art ...I could imagine some overdubs and fills...another genre, I like it.
    Place of my Own some nice deep bass going on...mellow, I could hear more reverb on the vox like that Marco dude, like that one too.
    Last Day is my least favorite, the screeching guitar in the right channel takes away from the song...the guitars on the left don't seem to have it, the songs good enough.

    pretty amazing work, everythings well balanced and a surprising variety. # 2 my fav, or #4.

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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    Quote Originally Posted by grimtraveller View Post
    The limitations of shittiness of sound have challenged me into making them into something I really like. As an additional sound, I'm going to try to mic an unplugged electric with the pre~amp boosting, just to see where that takes me
    A few days after I wrote this, on a total whim and right out of the blue, I bought an electric 12 string guitar. Though it's shaped like a strat, it's a £90 {well, £89.99 ~ $110 !} crummy Gear For Music plank of wood and strings. But I love it. I've had a electro~acoustic 12 string for 21 years and used it hundreds of times and got some great electric sounds out of it, necessity being the mother and all that. But I'd never even held an electric 12 string before so probably the reason I dig the sound of the GFM is because I have no frame of reference to compare it with. That suits me fine and I've recorded with it and it does what I need it to.
    This is one of those rare occasions where ignorance is bliss !
    Oh,and by the way, the mic recordings of the un~amped electrics {both 12 and 6} were oddly cool. They had this nice jangly-ness about them.

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    I really miss my Dano 12.
    "One thing led to another and, before we knew it, we were dead." --Michael O'Donoghue

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