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Thread: Which warm audio gear to get?

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    Which warm audio gear to get?

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    Hey , I've recently noticed warm audio have a deal on at the moment, where that you spend so much you get free W87 mic.

    I'm was looking at buying a warm audio w76 compressor and another warm audio product (so that I pass the threshold to recieve the free Wa87 mic).

    I'm not sure of it would be beneficial to buy the WA eq-p , another pre amp wa73 , or a second compressor the wa-2a . Or maybe even the wa 251 mic?
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I mainly record my own music using an acoustic guitar, male vocals and male backing, bass guitar and the rest is in the box. Superior drummer etc

    I currently have the following set up
    Audient ID22
    WA tone beast pre amp
    AT 4050 microphone, sm58 , Se2200
    Waves bundle (with the vintage plugins and lots more)

    Thanks in advance

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    the WA2A would be my choice if buying mode is On. 2nd would be the Preamp 73 clone.

    EQ would be 3rd...always seems to bite me during tracking then at mix its more work.

    I suppose you could always sell the mic later if you dont like it.

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    I owned a WA76 comp for a couple of years. It was nice.....not outstanding but it did work and did have that vibe that original 1176's have....just not as much. Although I did like it running a guitar through it without any buttons pushed and putting a tube comp behind it.

    I've heard the WA 87 mic and it's a good representation on a center terminated FET condenser and has some of the aspects of a Neumann.....just not as much....I own a vintage U87 and have put several U87's into business from time to time.

    Your sE2200 might actually be a close sound to this one only without the patterns. But everyone should have a crapload of mics no matter what you're recording. It's amazing what you can build with a different voice on some sources.

    The 73 clone pre is very interesting. It would be my choice, but then I like most anything that tends towards a 'Neve' kinda vibe. This one has that.....just not quite as much as a Neve.
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    I own the following Warm Audio gear:


    Although I'm not that experienced and am mostly a weekend warrior - I'm also working to make some decent solo acoustic gtr recordings. The EQP-WA is new - had it about 2 months. But it's already made a huge difference in dialing in the acoustic gtr sound I've been searching for. It is a powerful tool.

    Work slows down for me this time of year allowing me to spend time and learn this new home made "channel strip". I'm currently setup for mid-side with the WA87 as the mid mic (facing the gtr)----> TB12----> EQP----> WA2A----> Tascam DP-32SD. The WA14 is the perpendicular figure 8 and runs directly to the Tascam.

    I would point you to the WA2A and/or the EQP-WA. They are both great bangs for the buck, IMO.
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