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Background Information
I have just acquired a patchbay where the 1/4" plugs are soldered onto the back. It is a normalized patchbay where the top jacks are soldered to the bottom. I am trying to figure a way to incorporate the patchbay into my setup because I need more flexibility.

My current studio setup is a Roland VS1680 where I have my Akai MPC2000 going into input 3-4 and my Korg Triton going into input 5-6 and my Roland JV2080 going into 7-8. Plus, I have a small dj mixer where I plug a Technics Turntable into the mixer and then send the output into the the Roland VS1680 just to monitor the playback. I use the turntable to sample into the MPC2000. In the past, I recorded my new music straight into the VS1680, but now want to record into Pro Tools.

Along with the above setup, I just bought an Emagic Unitor8 MKII midi interface and have setup a PC computer running Windows XP with 1 gig HZ ram and Pro Tools LE with the DigiDesign Digi001. I also have Logic 5.5 for PC and want to use it for sequencing.

My Issue
OK, now my problem. I am having a problem setting up the patchbay. I am not sure the best approach, for instance what to plug up to it. I want all my midi devices to play nicely via the Unitor8 MKII plus I want to setup my audio equiptment into the patchbay.

I currently have Pro Tools setup where the MPC2000 comes into input ports 3-4, the Triton into input ports 5-6, and the JV2080 into input ports 7-8 on the DIGI001 card via the patchbay. Then I route those out to the output ports 1-2 of the DIGI001 card and I get sound.

Another issue, shouldn't I be able to still use the midi devices when Pro Tools or any other sequencing device is not running. Cause when Pro Tools or Logic isn't running, I cannot hear any sound from the three devices I listed above because they are not routed to the speakers.

So I guess my questions are how do I get the above to work. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I would imagine that there are some people out there with similar setups and I would appreciate learning from you gys!!!

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post, but I wanted to make sure I give enough information.

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