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Thread: The Next Step

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    You're definitely getting your money's worth out of the Waves L1

    Yeah man, freeze some of those puppies. You can always unfreeze them and tweak. Freezing a track just "prints" the audio along with all of the effects. Then you're just playing the audio and not doing all of the real-time signal processing. It sounds identical to the original, and it'll take a huge load off of your CPU.

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    totally agree with tadpui - your CPU is hovering above 50% at idle (I assume you took the screenshot when it wasn't playing) -- you're using the same plugins consistently, like L1, so the load is probably spread fairly evenly across the tracks, but if you freeze a track and then see that idle CPU load drop noticeably, then probably a plugin on that track is chewing up the CPU.

    By the same token, if you were to switch to outboard, (say to replace H comp or something), you'd probably have to loop out on a ton of tracks before you could hope to put a dent in the CPU load, and that would require a whole lot of inputs and outputs (and outboard compressors, for my example - those add up quick cost-wise) -- but because the CPU is managing the buffers on all that I/O, having that many round trips might even use more CPU than what you're doing now (just speculating).

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