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Thread: LA610 returns a (special edition)

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    well... the LA610SE, LA610 non Mkii … is fully working and the signal to the DAW is a nice thick healthy full tone wave now.
    that's the good news.

    the bad news is my LDC and my totally back-slid room into noise, is a horrible match for LDC's (as in all the noises we cant hear with our ears are magnified 1000times with the compressor and LDC = dynamic needed here)

    Test 2-
    the Bass was plugged in, the large knobs are very fast & easy to use.. large knob on the LA610 are just cool in a vibe way, the comp works as it should, its a real tube design and this is what it sounds like. ..but...... again, single coil noisy antenna Squier Bass is waay too noisy.
    I did some tracks with comp and no comp etc.... its what it is. The LA610 did its thing, unfortunately my noisy single coils did their thing too.

    but then wtf...I plugged the bass into my interface instrument in and pulled up Gearbox PodFarm Suite.... 3seconds
    click = tuner...tuned 10seconds
    click = Hum "Learn" and Hum is gone...5 seconds
    click= BX Lux Ampeg sim and added the LA2A a bit.. 30seconds ..sounded nice and wet..
    click on DAW and Recorded not only the fx track but could also do a clean dry track in parrell due to the UX8/podfarm software without moving a cable.

    Selected Reaper T1 - dry and T2 with Gearbox Amp sim click....RECORD

    the Line 6 Gearbox ITB was a nice clean silent great tone Bass track. imo

    which tool would I use for a silent Bass track? the latter.

    to be continued.
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    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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    I awoke the other morning to burning smell in the bedroom, it was the pc "studio" powersupply.

    Testing and playing delayed.

    Giving time to think about the Hardware vs Software gear.

    Testing and comparing clean preamps and mics is more straight forward. The compression is such a color changer theres too much left to artistic preference imo.
    I could understand a LA2A vs a LA on this unit, or even comparing a SE to the LA610 just to test the ears.

    The LA610SE has credentials far above my skill level, like a Fender US STratocaster already proven a million times, that my negative inputs should be taken with a grain of salt.

    As a bedroom hobbyist gearhead the beauty and human-interfacing of reaching for a Bakelite knob instead of a mouse, is a larger point to make and reason to buy outboard for tracking, right?

    Then being gearhead we might want more than one option, so a HiEnd channel strip concept has been around a long time for the HR gang who dont need a SSL 4000g or 32 channel console...this still holds up. ( Hybrid )

    The accountant business brain section is always looking for BANG for the BUCK.....where plugins seem to reign King.

    Having tube vibe and some magical enjoyment of transformers and in like some dude spending the cash on a Harley when there is more chrome to clean and possible expensive repairs but the ride is worth it...PLug-Ins will never get this, they are like cartoon versions of a Tube amp.

    none of it has anything to do with writing a kick ass song or stumbling on some new chord.

    as for my computer, I went all over dallas calling and driving for a power supply that would fit. when i bought one and drove home etc...the install was a big "wont fit!!" as I had assumed the salesdude checked the dimensions, he was doing so good at amps and wattage and connectors...
    so I took that back.

    in the end ordered on Amazon, the exact same part number, flown in free shipping and no works damn good sometimes.

    next test is a dynamic mic.

    so far my negatives in this test drive are all on me.
    noisy bass, condensers picking up noisy room. .... Im not getting silky smooth Beatle EMI tracking sounds

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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