Long time listener first time caller.

I finally bit the bullet and got patch bays for my recording setup. Lot's of cabling. I have the Motu 1224 as well as a fostex m80 reel to reel. The patch bay(s) are behringer ultrapatch pro model px 2000. They have switches that switch between normalled, half normalled, parallel, and open circuits on each two vertical ports 1-24.

The motu has balanced +4db ins + outs. On the back side of the patch panel I have 2 ft balanced patches going to and from the Motu. I have balanced 1 ft patches for the front patching of devices. I don't know if the balanced signal is making it to the recorder or not thru the patch panel. Do I need to use
a special setting for the all three conductors to pass thru the patch panel or is it working right regardless ? or does the 3rd
conductor not _need_ to pass thru the patch panel or not ??

I am clueless and the books I am reading dont
talk about the physical chracteristics of the balanced signal.

One last thing, nearly all of my recording is direct from a POD a Yamaha DTX drums and a keyboard. These devices have high impedance outs ?? Do I direct boxes to optimally record
these devices onto the Motu ?? or is -10 and +4 and low/high impedance not neccessarily the same thing ??