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Thread: audio patchbay "101"

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    Indeed, I've got another patchbaybin the rack with nothing wired to it, not even the old modules in the same rack because I just don't use them any more and the effort to wire them just in case is a bit wasted.

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    There is a Third Way and one that I used in our small hovelic studio when my son was around...

    Breakout boxes. I had on on the wall bringing the RCA conns' from a 2496 card up to 1/4" TRS jack. Another box had RCA sockets for S/PDIF and DINS for MIDI I/O.

    A couple of mtrs away was another slope fronted metal box with TRS and RCA conns' to interface with a Teac 4trk O/R machine. Similar arrangements were made to facilitate connection in and out of a Sony Dolby S cassette deck and a MD recorder.

    Thus all this kit could be accessed using 1/4" jack plug cables. (or RCA for digital).


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