Hey guys, I have the EB-16 card in my MPC 2000XL, and you need to mess with all the filters manually, which is no problem.
But I've heard that if you add it to a rack, such as the S2000 is shows all (about 50) factory presets for the card. Can anybody confirm this? I want to find out how to get these presets and don't really want to buy an S2000 to get them. I'm curious as to what Akai came up with in terms of settings for the presets. Thanks.

Below is a quote taken from the S2000 manual:

There are 50 'effects' presets (i.e. combinations of distortion, EQ, ring mod, modulation/pitch
shift/rotary speaker and delay effects) and 50 reverb files. FX1 and FX2, (the multi-effects
channels) can use any of the 50 effects presets.