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Thread: Throttling/Slowing MIDI CC info to external hardware synths

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    Throttling/Slowing MIDI CC info to external hardware synths

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    OK, so here's my deal. I use PreSonus Studio One to send MIDI data to a big mess of hardware synths, and then pipe the audio back into Studio One for recording and mixing.
    One of my favorites in the rig is the Yamaha DX-200.

    Something MIDI automation allows me to do, which cannot be done via the control surface on the unit itself, is to modulate individual Harmonic, FM Depth, and Decay parameters simultaneously. It makes for some wonderfully jarring sounds.

    However, the DX200 came out in 2001 and is a little slow, so it's commonplace for the device to become flooded with too much MIDI data from the CC messages. It soon begins to lag note output, and will eventually crash. Boooooooooo!

    What I'm interested in is lowering the rate at which CC data leaves Studio One and gets into this device, so it won't crash. On KVR, I found an older, free VST called "CC Stepper" that should do this, but I can't get it to work in S1, even after JBridging. I'm on Win7 64-bit.

    It's also been suggested to me that some MIDI interfaces could handle this responsibility, but my M-Audio MDIDSPORT 8x8/s doesn't have software beyond drivers, to my knowledge, and there's no mention of functionality of this kind in its manual.

    Any thoughts? Thanks!
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    Try MIDI-OX. It has MIDI message filtering and data mapping and may be able to help with your issue.


    What you want to do is start MIDI-OX, then turn on the MIDIsport. You'll need to configure port routings in MIDI-OX before you can begin playing your synth.

    You may look into the Presonus to see if it can be filtered to send 7-bit MIDI messages rather than 14-bit. This may cause "stair-stepping" of parameter values which will not sound natural.
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    try speading out your CC's over a number of MIDI channels

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