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Thread: New to midi

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    New to midi

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    I've just hooked up my keyboard and I'm delving into the midi experience for the first time. Reaper has several virtual instruments for me to experiment with but I was wondering what some of you might suggest. Any suggestions on virtual instruments, vst's or midi in general?

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    First suggestion - there iOS no such thing as a mIDI experience - it's a bit like connecting up your new home cinema and thinking you're having a 13A 4 way extension experience. It's the virtual experience bit. MIDI is just how the stuff you play on the keyboard gets to the computer - deadly dull, often malfunctioning quite ancient data format that thankfully is the 80s version of DANTE, in terms of people getting excited.

    There are virtual instruments based on synthesis or samples. I'm not sure we're much use with suggestions because we're so different.

    if you spend serious money on a kontakt package - like Kontakt 12, you will get HUGE quantities of stuff that will appeal to the dance music folk, at one end to the classical producers at the other. I'm in the orchestral or jazz instrument area, so all those synths and pad sounds are going too sit there unused. you keep an eye on the magazines (real ones and on line) plus forums like this one - but I find getting the junk mail from these suppliers, once you sign up the most useful source - almost every day somebody produces a new instrument. I spent 29 quid today on one and it's great, and another sound in the armoury. it's kind of fun collecting them. Start with the on board reaper sounds and work out which ones you find most useful - then google away funky synth zap vst or similar and listen to what comes back.

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    There are heaps of free VSTs on this site:

    VST 4 FREE -
    Free Audio Plug-ins Archives

    I can't suggest anything in particular, because I have no idea what you would like to achieve.

    However, if you are just experimenting and exploring, just download a couple and start messing around with sounds.

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