What's up guys (and girls). I'm new here so I'll start with this. I've been into music production for a few years. Purchased my Roland Fantom-X8 Synthesizer back in early 2006, a year or two later I got a Yamaha Motif-ES Rack. A few months later I bought two M-Audio BX5a studio monitors and a Digidesign Mbox2 Audio Interface. Finally, I recently purchased a Tapco 4x4 Link Midi Interface....

I've been pulling my hair for the past week reading online, manuals, went to guitar center twice and nobody seems to be helping so I'm giving this a shot. I'm trying to use my Fantom-X8 synth as the midi controller and sequence with pro tools 8. I've got this done already but then I threw in the Motif rack to get more sounds. Well, I hooked up the Fantom THRU to Motif Rack IN and that was fine but I got annoyed by the shared channel (having to turn it down or mute when I use other channels) so I bought a Tapco Midi 4x4 Link Interface. This thing has 4 IN's and 4 OUT's. It also has a THRU button so when you push it, all midi data from the INPUT1 port are sent to the 4 outputs while the rest of the inputs are inactive. I know I'm typing a lot but I need to be detailed since nobody seems to get this (I need a professional or someone who knows what they're doing). Just so you know, Audio interface is connected to the computer via USB & so is the Tapco Midi 4x4 Link.

[My Objective]
1) To be able to hear my Fantom & Motif sounds as I press keys.
2) To be able to record midi notes onto pro tools and then use the recorded notes to playback whatever channel I want from the motif rack OR roland synth.
3) Finally to be able to record the recorded midi notes into audio files of either roland or yamaha sounds

^all these are me right now so lets see how this goes.