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Thread: Midisoft 4.0 and Windows 7 HP 64b

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    I have finally found a fix to this problem. Using Putzlowitsch's Vista MIDI Mapper (can't put the url in as I haven't posted atleast 10 posts...sorry) I was able to set the default port. Note, the directions say to put the applet in the windows/system32 folder...Win 7 64 users should put it in the sysWOW64 folder. Then go to control panel and click on it, then select your default port. I had to also do the extra step of reorganizing the ports by numerical order in the .ini file of the sequencer software and that was that! Now all of my midi files use the new default port. Back to making music again!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chili View Post
    Yup, you switched from 32bit to 64bit, you need new drivers. No one is going to write a new driver for software from a company that has been out of business.

    Time to update to the 21st century and find a new program that does what you want.... whatever that is.

    If you're looking for an easy way to do midi drums, then look at EZDrummer. It's not complicated at all. I should know, I got it to work right out of the box.

    Midisoft studio 4 (32bit version) may run on x64 host.
    You need copy mmsystem.dll (resides in c:\windows\system32\) from windows 7 32bit host to c:\windows\SysWOW64 on your 64bit system (win7 or win8.1) under Administrator account.
    Also in the setup->MIDI drivers dialog set "Do not use MIDI mapper" and "Disable MIDI input".

    Before run studio.exe you need set WinXP SP3 compatibility mode with Explorer (properties -> compatibility ).

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    Midosft Studio 4 Windows 7 default midi device

    After some experimentation I have been able to resolve this problem using an initialization file, .ini, that the software uses for all of the settings. So now that it's working I want to be able to refine it to make it easier. This probably won't involve any fore knowledge of the said program but has more to do with the default midi output device. I have tried changing the default in the .ini file mentioned above and it will say that A is the Delta AP Midi driver but the sound output is clearly the MS GS Wavetable crap output. I have also edited the registry and set the Delta AP Midi as the default port as instructed by several online sources but it doesn't work. What I'd really like to know is if anyone knows how it can be totally removed from . A complete removal of it might just do it.

    Hello there, i hope you are reading this. I am former Midisoft user. I still keep many projects. I dedicated 1 pc for Studio 4 and installed 32 bit windows 7. I had a trouble like yours, i can't assign or alter default midi synth on the system. But with little search i managed to modify regedit HK_Local stuff. So now the windows media player will use my Roland XV-5050 external tone generator but not midisoft. On your picture there is

    A Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
    B M audio delta

    So mine one only says "midi mapper"

    Please listen, when i try everything on the setup pages, i saw "send midi song position" "receive start/stop position" etc and i saw checkbox saying "ignore sysex" So when i alter sysex it asked me which device i would like to use
    M audio 1814 or
    Roland XV- 5050

    So the Midisoft actually sees my devices, isn't it? Other than that i didn't see nothing regarding my devices. I just want to use my sound module as a default device. Windows media player uses it with that trick i mention earlier. And that Putzlowitsch file i downloaded but i am ok with default midi device as i mentioned. Anything you want to say?

    Thank you very much

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    Wow. Just hope everyone has figured this out.
    PC Win7-64-24G i7-4790k/Cubase 10 Pro 64-bit/2-Steinberg UR824's/ADAM A7x/Event TR8/SS Trigger Plat Deluxe/Melodyne 4 Studio/Other things that don't mean anything if a client shows up not knowing what it wants.

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