I hope this is the right section to post this.

I just bought an M Audio Oxygen 49. If I want to make my controls work with plug-ins and tailor them to my own preferences. Ideally, I’d like to be able to open eg mixer or plug ins, piano roll, etc and use particular knobs for different functions in each. In other words the same knob would perform a different role depending on what I was using at the time.

Should I use Logic’s surface controller “learn” method or the manufacturers method on the keyboard programming. I’m guessing if I allocate a MIDI function ( eg general MIDI CC etc ) using the manufacturer’s programming, to each slider, knob, or button I can then specify in Logic the exact function it would perform which would give me a more specific way of allocating. Is this right?

If so, If I allocate a particular knob T to a particular function X with a specific Plug - in A then close that plug in and then open another plug in B and allocate same knob T to a different function Y in it, would it revert to its original function X when opened plug in A again?

Sorry if this is a really silly question but I’m struggling to get my head round the whole MIDI and Logic thing.

Thank you for your help