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Thread: Editing MIDI Files

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    Editing MIDI Files

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    OK - I have a question- it could well show my ignorance when it comes to MIDI files, but I am, at this present time, ignorant when it comes to MIDI files so that would be fair enough. I would however appreciate an answer, if only to know that this can't be done, enabling me to stop looking for a solution.

    I have some MIDI files which use separate MIDI channels for each instrument - I am looking for a 'non-expensive' software or hardware solution that would enable all the musical channels (I am not bothered about drums, etc.) to be played on a single channel, so that everything can be played on one physical, midi-enabled piano - which only receives MIDI on 1 or 2 midi channels.

    I have tried garageband which imports each channel as a track and lets me combine tracks but doesn't allow me to save as MIDI (as far as I can see). I have tried using some GB to MIDI convertors but they see to keep the original MIDI data intact for some reason.

    Is there a solution? It might, I suppose, be something that could be done in a MIDI player of some sort rather than have to edit the original files, although the MIDI players I have don't seem to allow this.

    OR - am I just being ridiculous? Does the question even make sense?

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    Reaper is not expensive and can do what you want.

    You can merge a number of midi file into one. You can then open in the midi editor, select all notes, then change their channels to the one you want.

    Or you can leave the tracks un-merged, but go into each and set the notes to the channel you want.

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    A hardware or software MIDI processors can do that such things (channel remapping in this case) on the fly.

    But are you sure the piano doesn't have an OMNI-mode? (OMNI is a mode where the device receives on all channels)
    I've yet to encounter a MIDI-capable device that doesn't, but of course that doesn't mean such things don't exist.

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    Look for MIDI type 0 or type 1 in a menu - that's essentially the difference - everything in one track as opposed to them being split out. All the software I have used lets me export MIDI in loads of formats.

    However - if you have a standard MIDI file with lots of instruments, then there's going to be a fair amount of work editing these so they will play on one piano voice - that's arranging really. If you merge them, then you can easily end up overloading the piano - what will it do when it receives instructions to play the same note three time - if that D was played by a clarinet, piano and trumpet at the same time? You can end up with note stealing messing up the tune - the piano will have a limit to how many simultaneous notes it can play. Very easy to go over the limit and hear one note suddenly stop. If it's a vital one it gets very annoying? Watch out too for sustain controllers and pitchblende that can trip you up - plus occasional programme change messages. If you need to edit, then some software is better at it than others.

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