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Thread: Controlling expression with M-Audio Axiom Air32

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    Controlling expression with M-Audio Axiom Air32

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    Hi all. I'm trying to figure out how to assign expression (or should it be dynamics?) to the knobs on my M-Audio Axiom Air32. Basically, I'm trying to control the expression/dynamics of orchestral string/wind instruments as I play them, rather than relying on the key velocities. I've seen vids of folks using fader controls, but surely I could use the knobs instead? I'm running Cubase elements 8, just trying with the Halion sonic se vst at the moment.


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    May I suggest first of all, if you haven't already done this, that you download the manuals for Halion SE 3 and for the orchestra from VST user manuals. They're available in html and pdf from there. I tend to download the pdf ones and print out the relevenat parts for reference. You'll find the SE 3 manual under the Halion 'box' and the Orchestra under the 'Instruments' box.
    Read the nine pages of the orchestra manual and you'll find out how the 'key switches' and 'layers' can be controlled.

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