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Thread: Trying to use my KT2 to control Steven slate Drums VST in Studio One

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    Trying to use my KT2 to control Steven slate Drums VST in Studio One

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    I have a KAT KT2 Edrum set connected to my computer via USB. I use Presonus Studio One Professional. Studio One sees the kit and allows me to set up a new instrument but when I open the VST it only allows me to use my MIDI keyboard to control it. I have also tried using MIDI cables into my AI (Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD) with the same result

    I can record the kit via audio inputs but that puts the whole set on one track. I bought the VST to be able to have each drum on a track for the ability to control each piece on its own. I'd hate to think I just wasted $150 as a drummer I have a problem playing the drum track on a keyboard.

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    Help me out here. If you are using VST why does it matter what tells it to make the sound?

    Not yet a midi expert but I have a hunch there is a way to use the actual drum to do what you want.

    Cant wait to see what the experts tell us.

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