Hello everyone,

i am usig a Rode NTUSB at the moment which i got for very cheap some time ago. Now i kid of got on the track of switching my microphone
because i like learning new things and play around with some stuff. I stumbled upon lavalier microhpones which really appealed to me because they are not in the way as much as a mounted micropohne is (i am using the Rode PSA1 arm for my mic) and quite cheap for their performance. Now i had the idea to buy a mildly cheap lavalier mic and a mildly cheap mixer and combine those to have a neet little setup for my home PC.
I am not streaming but only talking alot over voip and i like sounding nice and clear.
I have found the BOYA BY-M4OD 48V lavalier Mic and the Behringer XENYX 302USB mixer which looked good to me.
Now i am still a bit unexperienced and wanted to get some advice first because there are many things to consider which plenty of them i propably dont even know.
My questions are now: would this setup be okay in terms of quality for online conversations? Is every XLR connector capable of delivering the 48V voltage the microphone needs or do i need a specific mixer/power supply for that or is the mixer capable of that already (did not really find much specs tbh)? Would this be an okay setup for the money?