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Thread: Weissklang v17 vs Shure SM7b?

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    Quote Originally Posted by whome View Post
    The SM7 is one of the finest mics that Shure has ever made.” - Harvey Gerst

    The SM7b is the newer version.

    SM7 has a great reputation so your problem seems unusual unless you are not using it correctly --
    Did you talk into the end or the side? Talk into the end of the microphone.The SM7 is NOT a side address microphone.

    You need to use a mic to line amplifier (also called a preamp).
    The SM7 (SM7A, SM7B) is a dynamic microphone. A typical dynamic mic has a lower output level than a typical condenser mic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phy61 View Post
    Thank you for the answer. Do you know any interfaces would go well with the sm7b?
    I do not have the Shure SM7b myself, but almost everyone will tell you it's going to be marginal with your standard audio interface mic preamps, and so it's typically paired with an external preamp of some kind.

    l've seen reviews where it has been used with relatively low gain interfaces (e.g., Focusrite 2i2), and it can work, but you'll be adding a fair amount of gain to the recorded track, so it will depend a lot on the level of sound you record and your environment whether it's going to bring in too much noise to your mix when you do that. In short, get a preamp and stop worrying about it, if you get the SM7b. (Even something like the SM58, which is a bit more sensitive, can test some interfaces if the source is too soft. You need to go to the more modern, often hypercardioid, dynamics like the Shure Beta line, to get sufficient gain to handle softer sources. Or use a condenser.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rob aylestone View Post
    the rotational change to the sound on some of those mics when they go off axis is quite unpredictable. I had no idea what would happen. Since that recording, as I have a few, I've been using the old AKG D190s I found while scrabbling around for mics as overhead mics for live drums on stage and rather like the sparkle they have - unusual for a dynamic.
    Its interesting listening to your test/ I'm plugged into a lpatop with JBL earbuds in a normal room and the surrounding noise here totally masks any noise on your recording. So different outcome and the AKG 414 has the clarity on your voice, imo, while all of them work fine, Id take the AKG414 per this second listen. The Coles does carve out, with its sound that actually removes lowend and is easy to understand the words, as if it was eq'd with a hpf. But all of them are fine....which one is easiest to use? might be the deciding factor.

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