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Thread: Timber Tones Microphones

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    until Sound on Sound magazine review one, then I'm guessing. Seems a really silly idea and rather far-fetched.

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    Looking through the Timber Tones site, it states that the mic is based on the Open Source Alice microphone and uses a Transound TSB-2555B capsule ($13 at JLI) and a modified Shoeps style JFET circuit. I have never heard a mic with that capsule so I can't judge it from that standpoint.

    At 400 euros, it sounds kind of pricey for a kit mic that can be bought from Microphone Parts for $240 (S25 Kit). Nice woodworking is fine, but I don't really buy into the notion that wood will make your mic sound natural. Wood by its nature resonates and I would think that could be a bad thing for a microphone if not properly controlled.

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