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Thread: Small vs Large condenser for instrumental acoustic guitar

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    Quote Originally Posted by TalismanRich View Post
    LB, I've managed to move the file out of the AW1600, and adjusted the volume to be close to the others. The Yamaha was quite a bit lower in level than the other two, so I had to bump it about an additional 4-5dB. You might hear a difference in noise floor. Here's the resulting file.

    Something that I found interesting was that in total, I did 17 minutes of recording. Of the three recorders, the AW1600 was the fastest. The Tascam/Reaper was .07 seconds slower than the AW, and the R24 was .12 seconds slower than the AW. I found that interesting. Also, the phase was identical on all three recorders, which is a good sign. I didn't use any EQ or effects, just volume adjustment.
    Well its good that it sound similar. Differences in gain is expected. No ice pick effect. Really nice Taylor sound. Not my crap plastic ovation that was cool when Skid Row was popular..

    A moderate level recording . Modest , but very clear. Rich that is what I would want an acoustic to sound like.



    The quality is so good, Im totally jealous. It makes me think I should have spent the money on Roller Skate Shoes...and give up recording.
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