Yo bro, I'm 17 and was hoping to get some help along the lines of microphones. I'm lookin for a RECORDING and a LIVE PERFORMANCE microphone. I need them strictly for rap vocals. Hopefully I'll be recording into Pro Tools 9 soon if that makes a difference as far as the RECORDING microhpone goes. And I'm white if that makes a difference as far as te LIVE PERFORMANCE microphone goes. I know there are infinite amounts of variables that play into getting the right microphone but I'm not experienced enough as to know where to start. I've got a Blue Yeti USB microphone(loved it) and an audio technica P48(ehh ok) and I'm leaning towards a Rode or a Blue mic for the RECORDING end but I have no idea where to start as far as LIVE PERORMANCE mic goes(I've been using a SENNHEISER e835 though). I've got some LIVE gigs and an upcoming mixtape to record coming up. All I ask is that you steer me in the right direction and basically to be frank, pick the mics out for me lol, because I HAVE NO IDEA where to start with all the mics out there to choose from. Budget: $2,000 for both. I'm ready to upgrade now that I've got my craft down.