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Thread: output of the AKG 414

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    Talking output of the AKG 414

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    Ok, since i bought this mic over half a year ago i could only say good things about it. and today i can another good thing about it. I have a matched pair of Crown CM700 small diaphragm condensors which i would always use with vox acoustic guitar over etc.. And today for the FIRST time ( i dont know why i didnt do it sooner) i tried to mic my acoustic with both the AKG 414 and CM700, and to my surprise, the AKG DESTROYED... i mean killed the CM700. Where the CM700 sounds GOOD on acoustic, it just doesnt match the AKG 414. And one thing that i also liked? I had the mic pre on my mackie 1604vlz 1.5 times higher for the crown, but it still couldn't send out as loud as the AKG.

    Viva la 414!

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    The 414 is a classic large condenser mic for acoustic and my fav.

    Don't know if you've tried this, but give it a spin. Position the 414 behind the bridge and out from the guitar at a 45-degree angle pointing towards the bridge. Put the mic as close as you can to the guitar without it being in the way of your playing.

    That'll get a great sound. You can even experiment w/ greater distance along the 45-degree angle.

    If you want to try 2 mics, add in the CM700 in pointing at the 12th fret about 9" away from the neck.

    Keep the 3:1 rule in mind to avoid phasing.

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